Friday, 16 March 2012


My twin daughters turned 12 yesterday. We are very proud of them and how they are growing into kind, mature and respectful young ladies, settling into college and becoming more independent and responsible. They had a lovely day... before school with presents from us and more presents from gorgeous friends at school and then after school spending time with some beautiful friends and more gifts x Very spoilt. It's probably the first year they haven't had a party or sleep over or something to celebrate their birthday. But we are going away with friends for the weekend so that was going to be a bit like a party 'substitute' and we will celebrate there too!
Then at the last minute I decided to throw a little family party this afternoon with aunties, cousins and grandparents. I had some cute party 'things' in the drawer and just popped out to the supermarket to get some supplies. My wonderful sister- in-law made Isabella and Victoria's favourite choc ripple cake too! I love putting together kids parties and really enjoyed this stress free 'mini' party and still got to bake and decorate after all!

I bought these gorgeous pink chevron treat boxes from Larkmade

When I saw these sprinkles in grey I had to have them!

I couldn't resist these cupcake toppers but used them for the fruit!

My beautiful niece enjoying the cupcakes!

Family x

I'm very lucky to have daughters this beautiful!