Friday, 20 April 2012


My husband picked me a rose from our garden whilst mowing the lawns the other day (bless him!) I didn't even realise we had any. We had pulled and chopped everything out to start over, but this one rose bush survived the slashing (loved it) and started blooming, these are the first and only flowers in the whole garden since we moved here in December. I have since picked more roses from it and love having them in the house. I am going to try and transplant the rose bush; I can't kill it now after it has given me so much joy! 
Talking of gardens, I plan on getting out in it very soon, so today I bought myself a pair of really cute gumboots. I couldn't resist the floral pattern on pale blue when I saw them and they reminded of my roses back at home, so snapped them up! They come in yellow and pink too, I think I should go back and get two more pairs for the girls! Isabella put them on straight away and went outside to give them a test drive feeding the guinea pigs. I think they will come in handy around here this winter between us girls!

beautiful pink blooms

MY new gumboots (I wonder if I will actually get to wear them haha)

Big brother 'Buddy' wanting to be picked up for cuddles (and he was of course!)

and little 'Marvin' our smooth albino and 'Gus' our dark rough haired

I dedicate this post to my lovely Auntie Dulcie who passed away this week, I have fond memories of riding my bike to her house for lemonade and minties! xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I had to add a few more photos from my last post of rabbits, I got them on the weekend, they are made from fake moss over foam, they are just gorgeous! The moss pad is so real like, the bunnies though... well I've never seen green ones but I do like these for the garden next year. Flynn wanted to arrange them for me so the baby rabbit was eating the egg; he thought they were pretty good!
Today is the last day of my six-day break; I'm back to work tomorrow but am looking forward to it... I am revealing a design consult to a client that I hope she will love!! I am really blessed to be able to do what I love for my job. 
We had a really lovely Easter with family and friends and got home late last night. I have done most of the unpacking but got a little side tracked when the girls decided they would like to FINALLY paint their letters they had picked up for $1 each last year. So out came the plastic cloth and paint! We decided on a pale shade of grey, their taste has changed to somewhat a lot like mine over the past couple of years (I'm teaching them well), thank goodness, no more bright pinks and purples for everything! They did 2 coats and then when they were fully dry I sanded them back a bit, Victoria was most impressed that they looked old! We hung the letters on their bedroom door and they love them, so do I!! 'B' is for Bella & 'T' is for Tori.

and our letter project...

What craft projects are you doing with your children over the holidays?


Sunday, 1 April 2012


I can't believe it's Easter already! Rewind please... I haven't done nearly as much around the house as I was hoping by this stage. Easter this year for us is also my Son Flynn's birthday (on Easter Saturday) so it will be toys and chocolate this weekend all round except for the girls' they want skateboards for Easter instead of chocolate (go figure)! I have succumbed to the idea but am now regretting it, what is Flynn going to think when the Easter bunny doesn't come to them?? I am going to have to come up with a story! I'm sure they won't miss out from grandparents though! What are your thoughts on presents instead of chocolate?
I haven't really done any Easter decorating around the house this year. Usually I have an Easter tree and eggs on sticks in pots plus more. I have been working a lot and haven't found time, also because we are going away for the long weekend so usually when we go away for the holidays I don't put as much effort in being it Christmas or Easter ... All poor excuses!
Anyway... When I was a little girl I used to collect rabbits (not real ones but I wish), I had quite a collection of the ceramic and stuffed variety. I have only kept a few favourites. I will still buy the odd rabbit when I see one I absolutely love and my Mum does for me too. When my twin daughters were born they got beautiful stuffed rabbits for their snuggle instead of a typical teddy bear and I have bought some very beautiful antique type ones over the years as well. Here a few 'new' bunnies I have had put away that my Mum bought for me last year. These are all that got put out this year as they were handy nearby, the rest is all still packed away in the garage.
I have added little eggs on pegs to my wreaths in the front entry, these wreaths are so versatile and I use them all year round, stay tuned for a little project I have in the future for these wreaths.
The bunny beside my bed, this is a special one and she has been living here for a quite a while already!

Sitting on my bedside is one of my favourite rabbits I have.
Also my 'new' lamp I bought not long ago.

This cute little ceramic guy is sweet and simple!

A tin rabbit from bed bath 'n' table, they always have great easter decs

The Easter wreaths in the front entry, and my new doormat... I am moving it to
the back door entry which everyone uses, meanwhile its been good
catching the draught, it's so thick!

eggs on pegs

and finally today's sweet treat flanked by 2 more new little bunnies,
I usually always make something sweet on a Sunday!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and holidays, for those travelling keep safe x Carla x