Thursday, 26 July 2012


The bathroom is finally finished! It has been for a little while now but I have been so so busy I haven't had time to do a post. I made a few changes from my original plan as far as how it was going to look but overall I am very happy with the way it turned out and it's so lovely to be in! The mirrors were going to be framed and on the side walls but I ended up running full length mirrors above both vanities to the top of the window and across to the walls, it's more simple and given that it is not a huge bathroom it makes it feel bigger. I was going to do a niche in the shower but decided to go for a bigger 1200 x 900 shower instead of taking up valuable floor space which the niche would have done. We were pressed for time to get the tiling done and this also meant it was a little quicker. The last thing that went in was the custom shower screen and once that was fitted we were done!
Everything else was how I planned and it went quite smoothly. I kept the original layout, it works best as it is the only bathroom and the 2 basins come in handy. I added 6 power points - 4 on the walls and 2 in the cupboard, they can never go astray with 2 teenagers and their straighteners, hairdryer and curlers etc... We also replaced the glass in the window as I'm not a fan of lead lighting. My favourite part is the tap sets and the bench top that I did in 'Jerusalem Stone' Diamondgloss. Oh and I splurged on a stainless steel shampoo and conditioner dispenser and a heated towel rail that I am also loving.
Here are the 'before' photos first... so terrible, followed by the afters! Actually there is one last thing that you may notice is missing - a blind. But if I didn't get these photos on it could be forever before I pick a fabric and have a blind made.

the dreaded old green bathroom

pulling up the floor

there was a white shower base on this then a layer of concrete and then the old tiled shower base plus more concrete!

back to one level with the new tiles going down


I went for a grey/brown palette

we painted the timber window white and had new glass fitted

beautiful new shower and back to wall toilet with soft closing lid!

I splurged on a heated towel rail, oh it has been heaven in this cold weather

semi frameless shower screen

It's a huge improvement isn't it? Now it's time to think about the kitchen again as I rudely interrupted it with a new bathroom, although with both my girls needing braces this year and the bathroom going over budget it may be later rather than sooner. Oh well we are not planning on going anywhere for a while so there's plenty of time!

I have something cool to share with you all too... my workplace Make Your House A Home where I am an Interior Designer won 2 awards at the Australian Furniture Awards. We won Retailer of the year for Vic/Tas which put us into the running to win the Australian Furniture Retailer of the year in which we also won. I am very proud to be a part of it and humbled knowing that I get to work with this calibre of business and work colleagues.

Happy decorating,

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Things are going along at a bit of a snails pace with the bathroom renovation at the moment! I am waiting on the toilet and taps to be fitted Monday and hopefully the glass shower frame by the end of the week. Then we have to paint and finish the tiled splash back. I had my brother here last week doing all the tiling and we are at least now showering at home. My Dad is coming to help me finish off next weekend. I am so lucky to have two builders in the family! I have been quite patient about the whole thing with the trades seen as I decided to do it with the click of my fingers I can't be too picky! I am very grateful for everyone that has worked on it so far with such short notice.

As things came to a standstill with the bathroom I had a little shopping spree and purchased a few lovely items for my home. I do have expensive taste most of the time hence the lamp, isn't it gorgeous? However sometimes I stumble across a complete bargain like these little black pieces of furniture I found at The Reject Shop! I don't mind saying that they will fit into my house nicely! I have just started to introduce some black into my home... I have always been a white person, so I am a bit out of my comfort zone, hope I can pull it off!
Here is what I bought... don't take too much notice of the styling as I haven't got around to that yet.

my new lamp from 'Maddison on McCrae'  in Swanhill

also from 'Maddison on McCrae'  in Swanhill

Black timber hall stand from 'The Reject Shop'

actually has some nice detail on it

black side table from 'The Reject Shop'
Hope everyone is enjoying the school holidays. We are down one week with one to go... I am going to be kid free next week as the kids are off to grandparents while I work, I am looking forward to the evenings being quiet and relaxing!!