Friday, 14 June 2013


1,2,3... Instead of chucking a hissy fit and quitting blogging as I have been having issues with blogging on my computer, I calmed down and thought to try the blogger app. So I am doing this from the app today to see what happens? Hopefully it will still look the same and perform better for me! And I know a lot of you (my blogging friends) are probably wondering why I'm not already blogging direct from the iPad? Mmmmm me too, why didn't I do this ages ago! This is so easy so far...

I snapped these pics of our puppy the other day after my mini winter makeover of our family room. He thought he'd get in on the action after I was done, testing the new look out first! They just scrape through my criteria for being relevant to post on my page (has to be design related! Lol). He just fits in so well with my furniture and decor with his lovely grey shiny coat! that's my kind of dog! Haha. Also it's not hard to tell that he loves all the attention and is quite the poser. Maybe he should be a dog model?? 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Friday, 7 June 2013


After two incidents where my girls were up doing homework at midnight, (because they left it until the last minute) I then copped the bad attitude and crying from tiredness. NO more! I decided something had to be done in the form of a calendar for us all to see when homework was due so I could remind them to start ahead of time.

It had to be on view and somewhere where we walk past everyday, no point hiding it in a cupboard or in a corner. This meant it had to be something a little stylish and funky that I could bear looking at everyday. I decided on a glass board. And the girls' thought that was cool because they'd get to write on it with the glass markers!

I bought a big framed print from the Variety Store, I took out the picture and painted the thin mdf backing board with the same colour paint as my walls - Dulux 'grey pebble', however because the glass had a green tinge to it it looks ever so slightly different to the actual wall. You could do a 'colour' if you like but I didn't want it to be a feature.

I drew up the lines for the days with a white glass marker onto the glass but put it back in the frame with it facing in so that when you write up your notes and change your dates over you can wipe away and the lines don't scrub off! I like to keep the calendar up to date so I just keep adding a new month at the top while the end of the other is still in use towards the bottom if you know what I mean??
All in all its working well, but I don't think anything will ever stop my two girls from cutting it fine, and maybe I'm just not tough enough!! They'll learn one day...

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. I am looking forward to a break from early morning sports!
Carla x