Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Our family room area is probably one of my least favourite rooms in the house. It's an extension so isn't in the original part of the house that has all the nice features. However I'm beginning to like how it is evolving, it's comfortable and bright now. I'm probably half way there but we still have a long way to go with this room... like finishing the painting and installing window coverings. I'd love to put in new windows but more likely for now I am getting blinds or shutters for the windows to 'hide' them a bit. New flooring will come one day but the cork at the moment is mainly covered by a rug and is easy to keep clean and softer on the feet than tiles or timber. I have some ideas for new sofas and prints in this room too I'll share at the end of the post.
On the weekend I painted an old coffee table that used to be my Mums, I had in storage for years and was going to get rid of it when I decided it would really suit this house and save me buying another. I spent a while sanding away before painting it white and then rubbed it back a little to give a more used look, I'm really happy with the result! I did want a fabric ottoman to put my feet up on but instead bought a cushion and popped it on the coffee table! I lined an old white tray with a green lattice placemat, placed a few favourite items in the middle and my grey rattan food cover works well to hide some mags or remotes. I love this item and never used it to cover food... this was a good way to display it!
Here are photos of what I've done so far in the family room and the 'before' photos of this room follow (pretty scary), we painted the walls but still have the trim to paint white and we removed the ugly lattice wall (ummmm when was that ever popular for indoors??).

That's how I have it now...  

and this is how it was when we bought the house... blue


after painting and removing the lattice, we still have to paint the window trim white

these are the prints I am thinking of...

prints on canvas from Make Your House A Home

and maybe 2 of these sofas...

the 'Belgian' sofa from Make Your House A Home
I'd love shutters like these...

Shutters (image from houzz)
What do you think?

Have a great week!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Just a quick pic, my ghost chair arrived and is now in place!  Looks so much better... well the other chair was always only temporary! I chose the ghost chair because the desk nook is so small, it just frees up the space and I didn't want to draw attention to it either!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I did spending some time with much loved cousins x

and how it was before....


Sunday, 12 February 2012


Last week my daughters started high school. I wanted their room to be all ready to start the new school year so we spent last Sunday afternoon getting their school stuff all ready and desk set out for lots of homework and study (hahum). It was lovely mother/daughter time. One of them had a great idea to make a pin board for their favourite photos. I love a good craft project and hadn't done any craft for a while so agreed to make one.... with their help! It was really easy, even though I totally did it the cheats way and only used stuff I had around the house... it turned out pretty good.

the finished project

start with your desired size cut out in cardboard (I used 2 layers to make it thicker)
and use leftover fabric scraps you may have...

cover it around to the back and glue, I also used thumbtacks to hold it down

I used white ribbon in a criss cross pattern and tacked them down at the back

put a ball top pin through the centre of each cross
and at the back use pliers to bend them over.
You can cover the back with white cardboard or
fabric to hide the mess

a pretty addition to their desk space!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I have a new look blog! I had time (well not really, the kids were neglected while doing to fiddle with it and re-design it just the way I wanted, all clean and clear! Hope you like it!

I spent some time on the weekend unpacking our magazines and books because I finally have somewhere to put them. I bought a new white bookcase to house my all mags I use personally to get inspiration from for my own home and to refer to for work as well. I have on display our much loved cook books that we use the most and some decorator items to break it up to add interest.

I have also been playing around with my front entry, I have more to do here but thought I'd show you how it is looking at the moment. I love my old fashioned entry doors and the way the natural light comes flooding through.

Enjoy the rest of your week!