Saturday, 24 November 2012


...Or should I say "blog time, pay bills time, work time". These would be only times I use the computer and office, since the the ipad and iphone are attached to me practically 24/7, however I do miss the good old times when you'd sit at the computer to get online! The kids use this space to do their homework more than anything now.
Gee, looking at this photo (I took on an inspection of the house) it was such a long way off to how it is now! We are two weeks off our 1st year anniversary of living in this house, and I am happy with how it looks now. It has come such a long way from the beginning! I saw the potential in this place and it's paid off, I'll forgive you if you wonder how I ever thought I could transform it! haha

the arrow points to the 'spot' I have transformed to my office

just a desk with an old chair

then I bought the 'ghost chair'

I moved the office to a new space in the house and it has evolved over 6 months...

my office now

It's such a pretty space now that it has found its home

my love of Ikea on display

Another project complete! and onto the next...
I hope to put up my Christmas decorations tomorrow, anyone else already done theirs?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


As I slowly wait for the finishing touches to my kitchen re: pantry door, paint, Oh the tiles went on today.... they look amazing!! so excited. I'll sneak in a pic in this post! Anyway as I was saying... while I wait patiently for the last few things to be done in the kitchen I have been doing a lot around the house such as moving furniture and finishing off my study (which you will see in my next post), painting what's left of the stained timber windows to white, framing pictures and hanging them and changing up the linen on my bed for the coming summer! When I saw these pillowcases from AURA I fell in love, I thought they would be the perfect pop of colour to go with my white linen and greys in my bedroom. I was fairly lucky to get them as they have now totally sold out of the whole range. They are reversible too with a nice soft grey on the back.

Peony pillowcase in 'saffron'

Yes, I need to buy the other lamp, I bought one to try and still haven't got the other...

When I get sick of the yellow I will turn them around!

'my things'

The print above the bed means quite a lot to me and I actually based my colour scheme for the room around this. My Mum had it hanging in her room and so did my grandmother it is at least 30 years old!
It has the most beautiful colours in it - all dusty blues, sage and mauve with the greys and bright white doves.

I'm on the look out now for a nice throw to match in for the end of the bed, just for when we still have these cool nights like tonight!

as I promised a quick shot of my tiles....

Well I am now off to that very room - to bed!

ps. Jamie's 15 minute meals are great!!


sorry about receiving this post twice, blogger had been playing up tonight. I am trying to get a post up and I have had major issues including this latest post being deleted!! (lucky I kept a back up copy) but in order to put it back in line I had to re-post. Watch out for my next new one after this! thanks..

I don't want to keep you all waiting forever and ever for me to reveal our new kitchen, so here it is!! There are a few missing elements which are coming very soon. I would have loved for it to be totally finished and perfect for the post but I think we did amazingly well to achieve this in one... yes ONE week! I am exhausted but was well worth project managing the whole thing myself to achieve this result in such a short time. All the tradies were amazing especially my dad the builder. We still have the painting to do, the tiled splash back, pantry door and the flue and cover. A new floor is on the agenda for next year, it was not able to be saved, it was patchy and we came across a concrete slab where the old combustion stove would have been, this set us back a day ripping it all up and putting in a new substrate.
We have been using the kitchen for a week now and I just love it! Especially the deep stone sink (I am so glad I went with this it doesn't leave any water marks and is scratch proof) the induction cooktop is a breeze (boils water in a minute and just wipes clean), and I love all the soft close mechanisms on doors and drawers. We have opened it right up by knocking out the wall. Now I can cook while the girls sit at the bench or dining table and do their homework, before there was a wall separating the dining room and we didn't really like spending time in there.





A big change!

So there it is, I am going to have a few weeks off! By then the tiling will be done and I'll be ready to paint. I will keep you updated and do a BIG reveal once it is totally finished!