Friday, 27 December 2013


You'd think I'd take a holiday from decorating whilst I'm on holidays.. No! I will never tire of it. I love it at work and at home. 
Today I changed over my quilt cover and while I was at it I did a quick 10 minute makeover. I bought these floral Sheridan Euro covers years ago and had never used them because they never really matched the decor in my room. So I just changed over to the frames on the wall for a while and pulled out a few cushions from storage to make them work. Bingo! a new look in 10 minutes! A change is as good as a holiday, so why don't you change up a room before the new year and give yourself a fresh start!
Everything continues to evole at my place, nothing ever stays the same for too long but I go back and forth so it's not costly.

This is how it was....

And now.....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and to all a happy new year!
Carla x

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013


It has been nearly 2 years since we moved in to our home, in that time we have completely renovated the inside of the house. Most of it was done very soon after we moved in and the rest, well there has been a list of things to finish off! I have been successful in getting those done since Dad moved here, I'm so lucky to have a builder for a Dad. Now that inside is all done we recently got back to the outside to do a few projects for summer entertaining. 
We had initially tidied up the yard when we moved in, it was a complete mess and had been let go, we ripped everything out to start again. I planted out the garden bed with lavender and some other shrubs and creepers on the fence. The pergola was a light green colour so we painted it charcoal and added a shade sail over the area off that that would become the entertaining area. There was a big dirt patch under that for some time and initially I planted some hedges along the bottom of the deck but I transferred those before we poured a new concrete slab a few weeks ago. We painted the slab with grey concrete paint and some of the old concrete paths as well to make it all the same. We had the exterior of the fence painted last week which looks so much better, like new! The latest addition has been the new bench seat that is built in to the side of the pergola, we now have a beautiful new outdoor area. The plants are getting bigger and should look great in a couple of years, and the creeper is covering the fence quickly. Here are the before and after photos... They are in order of progress, so I won't label them, you'll get the idea! 

Well what do you think? It is such an improvement, and there's still alot to do in other parts of the yard. I wish I had photos from the first day but silly me forgot to take those until we had spent days and days and were well into it. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy this for a while though!
Have a nice end to your week
Carla x

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


This year I am not doing a lot at all in the decorating department. Usually I spend a leisurely day putting up all the Chrissy decs but this year I am going very low key. We don't have as much room in the house as we usually do with my parents here, and well we are going away for a fair bit of December so won't be here to enjoy it. 
Flynn couldn't bear not putting up the Christmas tree and being only 8 yrs old it wouldn't be Christmas without it, so that was the first thing we did on the weekend and then today I just hung some wreaths and that's it really. Oh and I love fairy lights so did a little strip in the outdoor area. I am in the middle of renovating our outdoor area, we have done a lot outside so that will be the next post. Here are some pics of my quick efforts for a little Christmas cheer this year!

Our Chrissy tree! no themes here just all coloured decs from over the years.

Our Back door, which is really out front door, everyone comes to the back!

I got these lights for $10 at home hardware on the weekend while I was buying plants...

Front door... It's awkward to decorate a double door and this is really just a cheap quick effort but will do for this year. Also I'm worried expensive wreaths may get pinched.

Apart from the Christmas tree this is all I have out and that was because they were in the wreath box.

Where I will hang the Christmas art brought home from school.

A little tree Flynn decorated, he found theses decs in the box also and they had to go up!

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'til then have a great week,