Sunday, 20 April 2014


We had a fairly busy weekend but it was such a relaxing Easter weekend also. We did the Easter egg hunt and festivities at at our local town park for a few hours, we went to Mass and caught up with some of our wonderful friends. The main excitement for us was the new Chimenea I bought...  I saw that one of my fellow bloggers had found an old Chimenea and did it up, that enthused me to look for one, when I didn't have any luck finding anything second hand I got impatient and went and bought one! We had been meaning to get a fire pit last year but winter came and went and we didn't get around to it. I ended up with a Chimenea rather than a fire pit. I figured it would be less messy and well I just liked it, it comes with a handy cover and you can cook on it, we grilled a banana haha! which was lovely with ice-cream, otherwise Flynn burnt some sticks on it. Next time we're going to do roast potatoes in foil.
I absolutely love it, sitting by the fire on my new couch (details on that later) toasting marshmallows, poking the fire, and getting warm in this chillier weather. It was so lovely all of us sat around together for hours, the girls still had their electronics but it was so nice to be together laughing, chatting and listening to music with my Mum and Dad there also.

About the couch... on Saturday I snapped up an old cane lounge.... about 5 doors down the neighbours had an old red cane setting out on the nature strip for council pick up. I made Mark stop so I could check it out, mmmmm I thought a bit of a cleanup and spray paint it would come up well. I was surprised that my 2 gorgeous girls carried it all the way home for me while I loaded the chairs into the car! 4 cans of spray paint later and the couch piece is done finally in white! It is very comfy and we will get heaps of use out of it. Here are some snaps from our weekend!

Toasting marshmallows 

Nice and toasty as it got darker...

And the cane lounge make-over...


And after!
 I will endeavour to make some proper cushions but these are from my stash for now!

Bella and Flynn enjoying the fire in the Autumn sun that kept popping its head out!

Franklin enjoying the fire too!
 I hope everyone had a great Easter x

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Easter is nearly here, and this year I decided to decorate our home a little more than usual to get into the spirit of this special time. Over Easter we will have a lot of family time and celebrate with friends, go to Mass and celebrate the true meaning of Easter then I'm sure the Easter Bunny will deliver lots of Easter eggs!

I had been fiddling over the weekend with some bunnies and fake eggs and today decided to decorate our dining table (we eat round every night) and enjoy it for the week leading up to Easter.

I just did it on a whim and made it up as I went along… its my modern/vintage mixed-up style tablescape. It's just stuff I had in the house to decorate it really, the only thing I bought were the easter eggs! Actually Hubby was out at the shops so I called him to say grab me some Easter eggs please, I gave him a brief.. "small eggs in pastel colours, you know pastels right? and some cute small bunnies or something plain, you know my style? babe just do your best" he went to 3 shops and it totally stressed him out, he had a lot of trouble finding what he knows I like and came home with a bag full of stuff which I picked out just enough small eggs that were OK! (you can picture the rest… Easter bunnies with faces and big eggs with lovely pictures on them LOL!) love him though! The rest will come in handy for Sunday.

A cake stand comes in handy for a nest bed

I used recycled shredded brown paper for the nests

Beautiful Forsythia branches for the table centre

I love this little birdie, I have a few dotted around the house
Lavender from my garden - joy!

I used some linen to make napkins and frayed the edges

Little cake toppers in each bowl with initial

And a few other little Easter decs around the house…

My little moss bunnies
My trusty tree I use for Easter and Christmas every year

Do you decorate for Easter?
I hope everyone has a lovely Easter whatever you may be doing, travel safe and enjoy your time with Family and Friends
Carla x