Sunday, 12 February 2012


Last week my daughters started high school. I wanted their room to be all ready to start the new school year so we spent last Sunday afternoon getting their school stuff all ready and desk set out for lots of homework and study (hahum). It was lovely mother/daughter time. One of them had a great idea to make a pin board for their favourite photos. I love a good craft project and hadn't done any craft for a while so agreed to make one.... with their help! It was really easy, even though I totally did it the cheats way and only used stuff I had around the house... it turned out pretty good.

the finished project

start with your desired size cut out in cardboard (I used 2 layers to make it thicker)
and use leftover fabric scraps you may have...

cover it around to the back and glue, I also used thumbtacks to hold it down

I used white ribbon in a criss cross pattern and tacked them down at the back

put a ball top pin through the centre of each cross
and at the back use pliers to bend them over.
You can cover the back with white cardboard or
fabric to hide the mess

a pretty addition to their desk space!

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  1. love it! i love a criss-cross ribbon and good job not having to fork out $$. that's always the best kind of craft!! x


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