Tuesday, 3 December 2013


This year I am not doing a lot at all in the decorating department. Usually I spend a leisurely day putting up all the Chrissy decs but this year I am going very low key. We don't have as much room in the house as we usually do with my parents here, and well we are going away for a fair bit of December so won't be here to enjoy it. 
Flynn couldn't bear not putting up the Christmas tree and being only 8 yrs old it wouldn't be Christmas without it, so that was the first thing we did on the weekend and then today I just hung some wreaths and that's it really. Oh and I love fairy lights so did a little strip in the outdoor area. I am in the middle of renovating our outdoor area, we have done a lot outside so that will be the next post. Here are some pics of my quick efforts for a little Christmas cheer this year!

Our Chrissy tree! no themes here just all coloured decs from over the years.

Our Back door, which is really out front door, everyone comes to the back!

I got these lights for $10 at home hardware on the weekend while I was buying plants...

Front door... It's awkward to decorate a double door and this is really just a cheap quick effort but will do for this year. Also I'm worried expensive wreaths may get pinched.

Apart from the Christmas tree this is all I have out and that was because they were in the wreath box.

Where I will hang the Christmas art brought home from school.

A little tree Flynn decorated, he found theses decs in the box also and they had to go up!

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'til then have a great week,


  1. Sometimes less is more, right? Lovely decorations :)

  2. So pretty! Love that your Christmas tree is just like ours - lots of meaningful ornaments but no fancy decorating/design theme!


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