Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I had a very eventful weekend around the house doing lots of jobs. I got the re-decorating bug which isn't hard for me, it's been a few weeks since I last re-arranged something haha.... And a while since a DIY project. In one of my previous posts I said I was going to recover my ottoman in the family room, so one of my jobs this past weekend was to do this. I decided to go with a plain fabric, I just didn't  find a pattern to work, there are other patterned furniture in the room on the other side so it would probably have clashed and this way I can do patterned cushions and switch them out when I feel like it with others! I have ordered some new cushions I'll show you as well.
I should say that whilst my house has a traditional feel to it and I love the modern country/french style, I also love contemporary, modern classic and mid-century as well. When we renovated I chose colours, fixtures and fittings that would tie in with almost anything so that I could change my decorating style down the track. I am slowly going to change things over to a more modern look but still eclectic, I can't get rid of special things just to stay on trend and I think it makes a house a home having the things you love! We have been thinking about another house so this will tie my creative bones over until the next big thing is able to happen!

So here's the old ottoman... From an old modular, the colour just didn't go with my inherited mustard sofa...

I took the hardware off and cut the fabric to size, about half an inch bigger to staple down.

I laid the fabric out on the dining table and started stapling with my electric staple gun (love this thing)

I folded up the corners and stapled, once I was done all the way around I screwed the legs back on, this is pretty simple stuff hey?

I thought it needed something extra and found these upholstery studs I've had in my craft box for years and years, I had enough for 7 down each side, so took the punt and nailed them in! I'm happy I did, it just adds a nice finishing touch I think.

And here it is...

It looks a little purple in the photos... I can assure you it's not, I'm not going crazy!!! It's in the same tone as the grey/brown back cushions as the sofa. (Being closer to the camera is playing tricks and I can't fix it)
I've ordered these cushions for the room too

And bought these flowers for the kitchen or dining, I haven't found a home yet... to go with the yellow in the room. Both cushions and flowers from

Do you like it? 
There are some more new things to come around here... Have been working on Flynn's room so keep in touch!

Oh and I've linked up to the 'Best of the nest' link party for my Ottoman DIY project, click the link below to see some other gorgeous DIY projects...


Carla x


  1. It looks great! Good call going with a neutral fabric for the ottoman - love doing that for big pieces so you can change up pillows and accessories on a whim!

    1. Your right Kris, so glad I did go plain now as it should fit in with any decor and if we move I should be able to re-use it. Ta

  2. Well done :) It looks great! I will need to re-cover our ottoman too.

  3. Carla, your ottoman looks so great, and I especially love the nailhead trim, that is such a custom detail! The color is so versatile too! Thanks for linking it up to Best of the Nest, so nice to meet you and your blog!

    1. Thanks Lisa. It was a great way to meet new people and blogs with the link up party, thanks!


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