Sunday, 13 April 2014


Easter is nearly here, and this year I decided to decorate our home a little more than usual to get into the spirit of this special time. Over Easter we will have a lot of family time and celebrate with friends, go to Mass and celebrate the true meaning of Easter then I'm sure the Easter Bunny will deliver lots of Easter eggs!

I had been fiddling over the weekend with some bunnies and fake eggs and today decided to decorate our dining table (we eat round every night) and enjoy it for the week leading up to Easter.

I just did it on a whim and made it up as I went along… its my modern/vintage mixed-up style tablescape. It's just stuff I had in the house to decorate it really, the only thing I bought were the easter eggs! Actually Hubby was out at the shops so I called him to say grab me some Easter eggs please, I gave him a brief.. "small eggs in pastel colours, you know pastels right? and some cute small bunnies or something plain, you know my style? babe just do your best" he went to 3 shops and it totally stressed him out, he had a lot of trouble finding what he knows I like and came home with a bag full of stuff which I picked out just enough small eggs that were OK! (you can picture the rest… Easter bunnies with faces and big eggs with lovely pictures on them LOL!) love him though! The rest will come in handy for Sunday.

A cake stand comes in handy for a nest bed

I used recycled shredded brown paper for the nests

Beautiful Forsythia branches for the table centre

I love this little birdie, I have a few dotted around the house
Lavender from my garden - joy!

I used some linen to make napkins and frayed the edges

Little cake toppers in each bowl with initial

And a few other little Easter decs around the house…

My little moss bunnies
My trusty tree I use for Easter and Christmas every year

Do you decorate for Easter?
I hope everyone has a lovely Easter whatever you may be doing, travel safe and enjoy your time with Family and Friends
Carla x


  1. Your house looks beautiful love all the Easter decorations it truly feels like Easter now.

  2. So, so pretty Carla! Your husband is a keeper - love that he went off searching store to store to find what he thought you'd love! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


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