Friday, 20 April 2012


My husband picked me a rose from our garden whilst mowing the lawns the other day (bless him!) I didn't even realise we had any. We had pulled and chopped everything out to start over, but this one rose bush survived the slashing (loved it) and started blooming, these are the first and only flowers in the whole garden since we moved here in December. I have since picked more roses from it and love having them in the house. I am going to try and transplant the rose bush; I can't kill it now after it has given me so much joy! 
Talking of gardens, I plan on getting out in it very soon, so today I bought myself a pair of really cute gumboots. I couldn't resist the floral pattern on pale blue when I saw them and they reminded of my roses back at home, so snapped them up! They come in yellow and pink too, I think I should go back and get two more pairs for the girls! Isabella put them on straight away and went outside to give them a test drive feeding the guinea pigs. I think they will come in handy around here this winter between us girls!

beautiful pink blooms

MY new gumboots (I wonder if I will actually get to wear them haha)

Big brother 'Buddy' wanting to be picked up for cuddles (and he was of course!)

and little 'Marvin' our smooth albino and 'Gus' our dark rough haired

I dedicate this post to my lovely Auntie Dulcie who passed away this week, I have fond memories of riding my bike to her house for lemonade and minties! xx

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