Sunday, 6 May 2012


I have recently made beautiful thick padded bed heads and painted my own chevron pattern lampshades for the girls' shared room. A new house with a new bedroom called for a different look! It’s starting to come together now. It just needs a bit more white linen and cushions… you can never have too much of these.

I had the girls' existing timber bedheads to cover and had already chosen the coverlets but finding the perfect fabric to compliment the coverlets was challenging. I was thinking yellow and white stripe but couldn't find anything with the right shade of yellow or the right width stripe... I am fussy! 
I decided I would have to buy the fabric online as the range and quality at spotlight just wasn't doing it for me. However on the day I decided I was going to this project, (when I get in the mood to do a big job like this I have to run with it ON THAT DAY) I still hadn't ordered any fabric, so another trip to spotlight was made in the hope that they would have something new... they didn't have anything new but hiding in the mess of rolls was this pale yellow stripe that would work perfectly, I couldn't believe it! And there was only enough left on the roll to do my job so it was 'meant to be'. I used spray adhesive glue to stick the foam to the face of the timer, wrapped the fabric around, the fiddly part was the corners but managed to get that right and then stapled the fabric down at the back with my electric staple gun, (couldn't live without this thing I LOVE it!) They were heavy to work with  and had a hand from hubby but worked out perfectly.
Later I was in target and spotted 2 yellow lampshades, the exact colour of the fabric. I already had the bases so grabbed two of the shades and thought I would paint on my own chevron pattern. I measured up the pattern and used painters masking tape in blue and white (whatever I had laying around) I noticed on the docket the other day I was only charged for one lamp shade $10... bargain! Whoops... I secretly love that! 
Other things in the girls’ room I have decorated with are tissue paper pom poms from Lark, coverlets from Bed Bath ‘n’ Table, curtains from Ikea. Their beds face end to end (they have a very long room) and each side is the same! To finish off I am thinking new feature cushions, these were slapped together for the photo with lots of white linen showing under the coverlet.

2 cute yellow shades

I measured and taped them up, this was time consuming!

Painted on white acrylic paint from the craft store

once dry peel it back, this was the fun part!

voila`! I am on the lookout for some skinny white bedsides but at the moment
this cute stool I painted 12 years ago for their nursery does the job!

old bedhead

stick on the foam

wrap around fabric and staple

the bed head is about 5 inches deep

pom poms from Lark

maybe these cushions from Kas Australia
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