Monday, 18 June 2012


Gee, it has taken me a while to get a post on, sorry!

A lot has been happening, just to mention a few exciting new happenings...

My husband has a new job, so after almost 20 years of shift work including days, evenings and nights he now has a normal day job, YAY! As hard as it was sometimes for me his old work hours were really a blessing in disguise because my children have been able to spend so much quality time getting to know their Dad and each forming a really strong relationship with him. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I will miss him being around during the day and being able to pick the kids up after school some days and helping out with after school activities. But at least now he has every weekend off! And there will be more perks!

I also had Mum visit and stay for a week!
I have bought a new sofa!
And we ripped up the floor in the bathroom!

And some yucky surprises that come with owning an old house - our ducted gas heating blew up, the solar hot water not heating up properly, house needs re-wiring and a leaking shower and toilet... hence the bathroom reno maybe before the kitchen reno! So hopefully that's it FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS!

I know I am jumping from one project to another but I will get back to the others don't worry. With these unexpected things I have to prioritise where I spend money and decorating is now not one! (lucky I had already bought the sofa).

Anyway I have some pics of our new sofa, just a 2 seater to fit nicely in the lounge, it has a slipcover in a linen texture and colour. I do love it and am currently just trying to keep the kids off it! At least it can be washed.

bought from make your house a home

On Saturday we ripped up the bathroom floor because we have a leak and I thought well what better way to actually make me get something done, knowing I won't be able to live with it like it is. It had yucky old lino over masonite, we ripped all this up to expose timber boards but we have decided to tile the whole room.

our bathroom 'before'

mark at work

I'm thinking this colour for the tiles?
niche like this

I love the idea of a framed mirror

I have a lot to think about and organise so bye for now...


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