Sunday, 20 May 2012


I had a very relaxing day today cleaning out the office while the kids did some painting. They did marble painting as well as some drawing. I am doing a photo/picture wall and told them that they could each contribute a painting to it! Flynn's marble painting turned out pretty good; I think it's the best he will come up with for my wall. The twins are still thinking about their 'artwork submission'. 
Whilst cleaning out I came across a small blank canvas so thought I'd get amongst it and try painting something abstract... Ok for my first attempt?? I'll keep at it! It was good practice for when I do a large painting for the house. I will frame that one it IF it works out!

I have actually moved my desk to a different room to make more of an office space rather than a nook, turns out it was a bit squishy for my liking, so all that hunting for a small desk and chair wasn't necessary after all, oh well one day I might upgrade. This is the new space and I have just plonked the furniture for now but am going to start styling the space soon, I'll keep you posted!

my painting

Have a great week!

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