Thursday, 16 August 2012


I am having trouble trying to finalise the kitchen plans! I want/need to get it right as it's a huge part of our life (being in the kitchen). I am tossing up incorporating a desk at the end of the kitchen but don't think I could keep it clutter free 100% of the time and that would ruin the look of the kitchen. Which cupboard to put the bin in and do I need two? as there will be two different chopping up areas. I would love a separate bin for vegetable scraps we feed to the guinea pigs and the impending chooks!  mmmmm decisions, decisions, I keep walking away from the drawing board...
The house doesn't have a lot of storage so this also comes into play and we have to add big storage cupboards in there somewhere too, lucky it is going to be a loooong kitchen - 6.2m to be exact. I think I have decided on one thing... I am going to have a walk in pantry with a bench to house all of my appliances plugged in ready to go! Here are some pics that are inspiring me at the moment...

love subway tiles, I might do this...
photo: houzz

at first this is what I was going to do with the desk but not sure now...
photo: houzz

I'm doing this style of  'no handles' I hope... but all white!
photo: houzz

I don't mind the timber bench top and I would cut straight on it too!
photo: houzz

I am definitely having open shelving and no overheads
photo: houzz

mine wont be this big but this is the idea!
photo: houzz

Well I better get back to the drawings to give to the Cabinet Maker!!

have a great weekend all x


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