Monday, 27 August 2012


About four weeks ago I was asked to feature in the Saturday edition of our local paper 'The Bendigo Advertiser' in a weekly article called 'we nest'. The one page spread is about a local Bendigo person who may be an artist, a designer, a collector or just a local personality that has an interesting house and story to tell. I was a little nervous knowing I was going to have my home photographed and be interviewed, it's still really evolving and is unfinished but oh well... I am chuffed to be recognised after nearly 5 years of living and working as an Interior Designer in Bendigo. I am privileged to have met and now call a lot of my clients friends! Thanks everyone for your support!

For copyright reasons I haven't got a hi-res version of the article to post but I can't see why I can't post a 'photo' of the article?? So the quality is bad and I have had to take snapshots of the full page so that you can actually read it!

So that's it folks... it turned out ok!

Have a great week

Carla x


  1. What a great compliment to have your home featured in the newspaper! Every room in my house is still a "work in progress" so I totally understand how that would make you hesitant to share it but your home looks absolutely gorgeous to me!

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