Saturday, 24 November 2012


...Or should I say "blog time, pay bills time, work time". These would be only times I use the computer and office, since the the ipad and iphone are attached to me practically 24/7, however I do miss the good old times when you'd sit at the computer to get online! The kids use this space to do their homework more than anything now.
Gee, looking at this photo (I took on an inspection of the house) it was such a long way off to how it is now! We are two weeks off our 1st year anniversary of living in this house, and I am happy with how it looks now. It has come such a long way from the beginning! I saw the potential in this place and it's paid off, I'll forgive you if you wonder how I ever thought I could transform it! haha

the arrow points to the 'spot' I have transformed to my office

just a desk with an old chair

then I bought the 'ghost chair'

I moved the office to a new space in the house and it has evolved over 6 months...

my office now

It's such a pretty space now that it has found its home

my love of Ikea on display

Another project complete! and onto the next...
I hope to put up my Christmas decorations tomorrow, anyone else already done theirs?


  1. I'm jealous of your ghost chair - I bought the same desk for my daughter's room (IKEA, right?!) and have never been happy with the chair that I bought to go with it. I think the ghost chair is perfect. Where did you get it?

  2. Hi Kris, yes I bought this desk from Ikea for a different part of the house but moved it, so could have done with a bigger one now but it still does the job! The ghost chair is really great, because the study is in the corner of the living room I've kept it all neutral and the chair doesn't impose on the room. I bought it through my work in Bendigo Australia Its a good quality replica. We do ship overseas but you have them over there though right?

  3. Thanks for info on where you got the ghost chair - I forget that you're half way across the world from me and, other than IKEA, probably have very few furniture sources in common! I know I've seen some ghost chairs online so I'm sure I can get one over here - will have to do some googling!

  4. yeah you'll find one! We are so far away, yet I enjoy your blog so much. I could easily live over there in your area of USA I find the decorating style and homes suit me to a tee!

  5. the ghost chair is a prefect addition..


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