Tuesday, 6 November 2012


sorry about receiving this post twice, blogger had been playing up tonight. I am trying to get a post up and I have had major issues including this latest post being deleted!! (lucky I kept a back up copy) but in order to put it back in line I had to re-post. Watch out for my next new one after this! thanks..

I don't want to keep you all waiting forever and ever for me to reveal our new kitchen, so here it is!! There are a few missing elements which are coming very soon. I would have loved for it to be totally finished and perfect for the post but I think we did amazingly well to achieve this in one... yes ONE week! I am exhausted but was well worth project managing the whole thing myself to achieve this result in such a short time. All the tradies were amazing especially my dad the builder. We still have the painting to do, the tiled splash back, pantry door and the flue and cover. A new floor is on the agenda for next year, it was not able to be saved, it was patchy and we came across a concrete slab where the old combustion stove would have been, this set us back a day ripping it all up and putting in a new substrate.
We have been using the kitchen for a week now and I just love it! Especially the deep stone sink (I am so glad I went with this it doesn't leave any water marks and is scratch proof) the induction cooktop is a breeze (boils water in a minute and just wipes clean), and I love all the soft close mechanisms on doors and drawers. We have opened it right up by knocking out the wall. Now I can cook while the girls sit at the bench or dining table and do their homework, before there was a wall separating the dining room and we didn't really like spending time in there.





A big change!

So there it is, I am going to have a few weeks off! By then the tiling will be done and I'll be ready to paint. I will keep you updated and do a BIG reveal once it is totally finished!


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