Tuesday, 29 January 2013


All my children go back to school this week after the summer holidays. They did a lot of fun things and overall didn't get too bored! Each had trips to Canberra to see Mema and Papa, did the movies and shopping, play dates, sleepovers, and catch-ups with family and friends. Getting a puppy half way through the holidays also meant there was no time to be bored... it has been a full time job for them looking after him. Over the past week we have been getting ready for school again, the girls have been getting all their books and folders together, and filling new pencil cases is always fun! They are required to have art grade pencils for Visual Communication and Ceramics, you know the ones that come in a long tin. We decided it was going to be too difficult to carry them around school in a tin and I can just imagine them rolling out all over the ground if it got dropped, so I decided I would get a bit creative and make an old fashioned pencil roll each. Took all afternoon and night but that's what Mums do right? Anyway they love them and think they'll get some orders from fellow girlfriends!! (It would cost them way too much! haha)

Victoria's striped fabric choice. 

The tie that wraps around was recycled from wrapping off a gift and actually all the fabric I had as well, no new purchases made!

Isabella chose a floral on the back and complimenting stripe on the inside.

Enjoy your last days with your kids x


  1. Love, love, love this! My daughters are little artists as well. I have to make sure they don't see your post because they would begging me to make this for them (and I'm not nearly as handy with the sewing machine as you are!).

  2. Kris, I'm not really a sewer, I just make it up as I go! I've gotten by this way for a loooong time, just don't ask me to make a dress or anything!


  3. Jolly good job, Carla!

    Tanya. QLD.


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