Friday, 15 February 2013


I have been wanting to write and post pics of my new kitchen for a while, well since the soft reveal and give you a bit more detail on the decisions I made and take some nice shots of my kitchen to show you! 

I have used Polytec brand product for cupboards and benches. I did the cupboards in a sheen finish which is shiny and with normal abs edging, it is hard to tell they are not vinyl wrap! I used Polytec gloss benchtops too with a square edge. Both products are so superior and advanced in technology now you can't go wrong... I think the vinyl wrap is slightly over-rated actually, same said for stone.... If you design your kitchen well you can achieve the same look. Of course I did the whole design myself and I highly recommend getting a designer to assist you, I have designed quite a few kitchens now and hence have averted a lot of bland, beige ones popping up and made some very happy clients! Unfortunately people try to do it themselves and don't know what is available or just play it too safe and don't get the end result they had dreamed of. It's such a small price to pay for a big expensive project and one where you spend most of your time!

I was quite particular on the fixtures like the sink, taps, tiles etc... I spent a bit more on these to really give the kitchen some character and make it look more expensive than it really was. I put a lot of thought into the details of the kitchen to make it look unique and suit any decorating style. One key thing I did was make the edge of the benchtop flush with the front of the drawers to give a more designer look, also there are no handles on the drawers just a recess at the top to pull out all with soft closes. This is quite a modern look that I have teamed up with a more traditional feel in the bevelled tiles and exposed range and eclectic style open shelving. It all works together well though. I deliberately did this so that you could have a modern, retro, industrial or country style kitchen depending on your decorating style and how it may change! I like all styles!
My favourite elements are my stone sink, soft close drawers, tray draw and tiles! It is all white which I love, it's hard to see in the photos but the benchtop has a fine marble effect. I kept it all white because the house is smallish and I wanted it to feel as big as possible. Plus it will go with my ever changing homewares!

It was a big job, and I'm thrilled with the result, a big thanks to my wonderful Dad (the builder) and Jamie from Instyle Kitchens Bendigo.

love cooking in here now

simple and very functional

stone sink... love

eat in dining area

new timber floor to come

pull out bins for rubbish and recycling

Breakast bar

open shelving for things we use EVERYDAY

clean lines

A big double cupboard I use for craft and things i don't use so often

pantry smaller than I wished but still walk in!

I love the induction cooktop, so easy to clean!

a must have tray drawer

bevelled edged tiles to add depth

I think I need some wine in there!!

That's it folks, my next project is the laundry...
I hope everyone has a great weekend

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  1. So excited to see pictures of the kitchen! It looks fantastic - now this is a kitchen that could get me to actually enjoy cooking :-) (Love your table too!)

  2. Oh thanks Kris! Yes it does make it a little easier to make dinner these days! My table is one of my fav pieces of furniture, it was my parents' table, they passed it onto me and I sanded it back and whitewashed it!

  3. this looks wonderful :) Makes me want to rip our kitchen out and start afresh :)

  4. Lovely kitchen Carla! The cutting boards and flowers against that fresh white subway tile is gorgeous xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. Thanks Anna! My dad made me the chopping board out of Huon pine! I keep it for good. Your blog looks great, a good real look into renovating with some cool stuff along the way...

  5. Your kitchen looks amazing, Anna! Everything seems to be in perfect harmony with each other, from colors the color scheme to the utensils. I love the fact that you kept everything in proper places to preserve the great look of your kitchen. Great job!

    Gabrielle Jeromy @Majestic Renovations

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