Saturday, 16 March 2013


I am now a parent of teenagers! WOW! I remember finding out I was pregnant (with my identical twin girls) just like it was yesterday, time flies! My girls have grown up to be beautiful, kind, smart, mature, trusting and talented girls, getting taller and more beautiful everyday. This year being their 13th, they deserved a pretty good party, they wanted a theme and lots of girlfriends over. We decided on a pyjama party with grey and yellow decorations and thought they could all hang outside and talk and play games etc... but after finishing a whole interior renovation in the first year of us moving in we hadn't really done much outside, it was definitely not worthy to host a party out there, so in the month leading up to the girls' party, hubby and I painted the outside pergola, planted out the garden beds and laid mulch, put up a shade sail, cleaned, dug, mowed, trimmed... we worked ourselves silly. They did get some use out of all our hard work but it was about 38 degrees so ended up inside most of the time - arghhhhh!
The party was last Friday night and on the day luckily I had my Mum and Dad here to help me, I had worked all week and hadn't done a thing yet to set up, BUT I had the vision and knew exactly what I was doing (I had shared with you earlier on FB) so after attending my son's school mass that morning, we rushed to spotlight and to the supermarket to finish off gathering all the supplies. I had 4 hours to make a cake, decorate it and put up all the deco's before all the girl's arrived at 5. Lucky it was pretty simple and easy. It all worked out great, they had a really nice time, and were so happy with the way it looked (which is pretty important for a teenager lol)... I will really savour the moment they came home from school and had grins from ear to ear to see what I had done for them x

The Birthday girls Bella and Tori in their pj's.

The vision...

and the result....The party table

My mum made all the sweets, thanks Mum x

They had a raspberry and white choc swirl cake under all that yellow icing.

I thought wine glasses were a nice touch now that they are so grown up!

...they still love to be young, we did beanie baby 'sock monkeys' for each girl to take home, to go with the PJ theme.

Victoria x

Isabella x

I just threw over some white fabric to make curtains, I loved this!

Even Franklin had his pj's on!

They received many generous gifts and played some cool games

fun fun fun while we looked on, Flynn was very good and didn't interfere (he had been told!)

To have with the movie...

dessert... raspberry and lime spiders with nerds were a hit!

Have a great weekend everyone I know I will be having a rest!

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  1. It was such a beautiful party. The girls really had a great time. We are so glad we could be there to share it with you.


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