Sunday, 23 September 2012


Our new kitchen reno starts in just over a week! eeeek, so excited, I have designed and drawn it up myself, so am a little nervous, but I have a wonderful cabinet maker making and installing it and a wonderful builder doing the rest...thanks Dad!

I have finally chosen everything for the new kitchen... I will share with you today the samples!
I am going for a fairly modern/eclectic look, I want it to fit into my modern country (with touches of provincial) house, and if I stripped it back and changed my style it could totally work with contemporary. I am going all white with no handles and no overheads, adding a warm timber shelf with subway tiles and a little bit of mirror too. Open hutch style shelving will also accommodate the dinner sets and glasses etc... that we use everyday.

There will be some fairly major changes and it will double in size. At the moment the kitchen is tiny with no bench space and no storage.

Now these before photos are a little scary, excuse the mess we were having a craft day the day I took these but I'm not making excuses my house often looks like this on weekends. I have not bothered with the kitchen or dining room decorating because we have been waiting to demolish since we moved in!

I cant wait to get rid of these high and low benches because they just gather junk!

 The wall into the dining room will be knocked out... here we have started to rip up the floor

 This dining room will become part of the kitchen with a bench right along the back wall.

My rough drawing of the before and after plan

This pic here is similar to our end product, we have a load bearing post like this also..

the mixer I have chosen

my schock stone double bowl sink

Polytec Chamboard gloss benchtop (above) with polar white gloss cupboards

I like the tiles bottom centre but haven't bought these yet

sample of drawers similar to mine

bar stools

Clean lines, timber shelf plus gooseneck tap.
I love the rug and will probably have one seen as the kitchen will be so long.

 mirror splash back in my hutch?

We are working flat out for a week to get it in... but I envisage it to take a few more weeks before final completion... I'll keep you posted!

Carla x


  1. Great choices! That stone sink is to die for!!

  2. Thanks Kris! I don't think I'll be sorry I splurged on that sink, I decided seen as it's probably the most used thing in the house and I stand at it a lot and its on show.. WHY NOT!! have been fairly restrained with the rest, so I'm glad now I did it!


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