Wednesday, 11 January 2012

'Floor Talk'

Our house is around 60 years old and in the original part of the house, which is all the rooms except the kitchen and family room (I'm guessing previous owners did an extension around 15 years ago) we found Australian hardwood floors underneath the carpet. I knew there was timber underneath as I had a little peek at our settlement inspection but had no idea what type of timber and what condition it was in. The carpet came up ridiculously easy and they were in mint condition... very lucky. We put a stain over the boards as a temporary measure but I am loving the more rustic look and everyone that comes by say they love it as it is! There is original polished boards in the dining room though, so they don't quite match up at the moment, but I don't mind, I plan on having quite a few rugs! I have put new carpet in the bedrooms as I wanted a more cosy feel. I have a sneaking suspicion this house is going to be colder in winter than what I am used to in a new house, and after today's cold snap I think I did the right thing by putting in the plush carpet. It's lovely for the children to sit and play on seen as they have big spaces in their rooms!

here we have just pulled up the carpet

We were so thrilled with the result of the stain...

...and it went on very easily
I have 4 days off work and am off to Melbourne to get a few things for the house, will share on my return!

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