Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Perfect Fit

Over the weekend I went to Melbourne with a lovely friend, we shopped til we dropped for 2 days...sounds like we went mad and spent heaps of money right?... NO we didn't go too crazy unfortunately which was really hard, we had a few bigger items to get and not as much in the budget for lots of smaller things. We were both on the hunt for the perfect pieces. I needed (wanted) a bookcase, picture frames, a box shelf, curtains, a rug and mostly I needed a desk. Our house doesn't have a separate study as I had before, so instead of a big communal 3m desk we all used to share we now have our 'own desks'... the girls have one in their room and I have a small 'nook', the perfect spot for a desk, so I had to find one to fit exactly 105mm and this was the only one in the land! Believe me I searched every furniture website known!.... so the perfect desk was found at IKEA...

Micke Desk  from IKEA

I also have on order to go with my new desk this Ghost 'side chair' made from clear polycarbonate, much nicer than the chartreuse one I have there at the moment.

available from  Make Your House A Home

I made the flat pack desk last night and here are a few shots of it in place below the half-wall in the family room. It fits perfectly and surprisingly has quite a bit of storage. Although I will have to try extra hard to keep it clutter free. I just have to get a wireless printer or a small one I can hide in the cupboard!

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