Monday, 23 January 2012

'light me up'

It wasn't until now when I went through my photo library to find this 'before' photo of the hallway that I realised how great it looks NOW. When I took the new photos earlier today I was thinking there wasn't a huge change but I was wrong and clearly had memory loss! How terrible was it when we moved in? It was very dark with blue walls, outdated timber doors and trim and fully carpeted. The wire lamp frame decorated with some cheap fake flowers and hung up by some ribbon was clearly one of a kind and some thought I should keep it! lol. It did stay there for a lot longer than intended... until I came across my own light fitting last week and sent Mark to get the ladder straight away! We put up the new shade which I really love, it is very beautiful when on. Today I hung some photos to finish it off and well I think it is a huge improvement from 5 weeks ago with it's fresh new paint and white trim and a jute rug down in front of the kids rooms.

before we moved in

during the making of...

 the hallway now

old light fitting before

new light fitting

lit up

the hallway from the other end 'before'

as we were painting

lovely and new


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