Sunday, 8 January 2012

The 'lounge room'

When we walked into our home 4 weeks ago it was dark, dingy, dusty, dirty and disgusting, but I could see past all that, it had so much potential and it has turned out better than I could have ever imagined. We have it at the stage where it is more than liveable but still lots of work to do! You wouldn't think it was the same house now just after 4 weeks.
We had my wonderful brother and his wonderful best mate come and work non-stop for a week with us, mainly painting, but it was like a domino effect, we kept finding things that needed to be fixed, replaced or pulled out all together and they were so obliging (ha hum) I worked them hard... poor fellas!!
We all worked solidly from dusk til dawn, with Mark and I still working our 'real jobs' too most days. With one week to go before Christmas we moved in! Onto our 3rd move in 4 years we had it down pat but could not have done it without the constant help of my parents in-law over the week, they just worked so hard and I thank them so much for helping us move in for Christmas. x
So here is the first before and after... the lounge room, it was the most rewarding room to see finished as it took me about 6 hrs solid just to remove the wallpaper and the fireplace is a nice feature in the biggest single room of the house about 6 x 5m. I have used Dulux 'grey pebble' on the lower half of the walls through most of the house and the top is just white. I love the contrast!

original room...

getting there...

wallpaper off and carpet coming out...

painting done and stain going on...


this was my rough christmas 'do' but the room has evolved since then...

The room is now all furnished but I am still working on the finishing touches... you will see that later!

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